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Cement Boards

RR Building Products presents Everest Cement Planks! Now enjoy the rich aesthetics of wood with the fortified strength of cement! Facillitating myraid applications across external and internal spaces, Everest Cement Planks allow you to remain commited to both your budget and the environment

Complement Your living spaces with Everest Cement Planks

Fall in love with your home, all over again with Everest Cement Planks. Redefine the exteriors of your building with the horizontal finish of these planks, which have a brilliant wood like appearance and come with the strength fo cement. made with state-of-the-art technology, they are available in different sizes and finishes without its expense! So let the world admire your home.

Attractive and Durable, Everest Cement Planks are manufactured in our ultra modern plant using state-of-the art hatschek process. Available in different sizes and primered form, these give the appearance of wood without the usual flaws and knots! From exteriors to interiors across commercial to residential, Everest Cement Planks accentuate your spaces through canvases of elegance and endurance.

Everest Cement Plank helps to reinforce a building’s exteriors. These planks are placed over a frame or substrate material and lend a horizontal finish to the completed structure. The embedded grains, when polished, give the planks a superior wooden look, which is unmatched in style and aesthetics.