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Cement Boards

Everest Industries Limited, a pioneer Building solutions company, has been a trusted name for 79 years. Over the years, its strategic investments in technology have allowed it to continually introduce innovative products in the market. Products manufactured by Everest are distinguished for their high performance, durability and architectural versatility. All units are IS/ISO certified.

Everest offers a versatile range of fibre cement products covering both roofing as well as boards. Its product range has gained wide acceptance in Asia, Africa, South Pacific and Europe.


Everest Hi-Tech : Modern, asbestos-free, fibre cement roofing system that uses HIPP (High Impact Polypropylene) Technology.


a) Everest Multipurpose Cement Boards.
b) Everest Heavy Duty Cement Boards
c) Everest Siding

Everest has a vast experience in producing over 1 Billion sq. ft. of roofing and over 48 million sq. ft. of fibre cement boards. The current capacity for producing non-asbestos fibre cement roofing and boards is 14 million sq. mt. and 16 million sq. mt. per annum respectively. All products conforms to International Standards and are manufactured with latest European Technology. The combination of innovative building solutions along with trained manpower enables Everest to provide excellent pre and post-sales service.


Everest range of fibre cement boards is manufactured from a homogenous mixture of Portland Cement, treated cellulose fibres, finely ground silica and quartz and other select mineralfillers in a state-of-the-art unit using sophisticated, digitally -controlled processes. The principle components of the mixture are cement and cellulose fibre. Cement acts as a hydraulic binder and the cellulose fibres interlock with the cement and quartz matrices to add strength to the boards. No asbestos is used during the entire process, making Everest products 100% asbestos free.


The new age Everest Multipurpose Cement Board is made using the revolutionary HPSC technology. This unique technology makes these boards totally moisture resistant, termite and fire resistant. These boards are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial usage.

Everest Multipurpose Cement Board, in combination with different substrate framework like timber, steel and aluminum, offer's unique advanced dry wall constructions, which leverage space utilization to the maximum with substantial savings on time. Everest Multipurpose Cement Board gives the Architects major flexibility of changing designs with thermal & acoustic insulation besides being maintenance free and highly durable.

Everest Multipurpose Cement Boards provide both uniform gap/groove and monolithic joint less finish (using specially made beveled-edges boards). These boards allow you to do the finishes with paints, wall papers, texture coating, veneers etc.

In other words, Everest Multipurpose Cement Boards allow you to have the finish of your choice and truly helps you" Build your imagination ".

Areas of Application:
False Ceiling
Internal Walls Half Height / Full Height
Internal Wall Lining
Eaves and Soffit Lining
Prefabricated Shelter - Internal / External walls


Whenever your concern is durability, strength & prolonged exposure to weathering elements (like sun, rain & UV rays) in a wall, think of Everest Heavy Duty Cement Boards.

Everest Heavy Duty Cement Boards help create both internal and external walls which are impact resistant, load bearing & require minimal maintenance. They are ideally suited for commercial & industrial applications.

Everest Heavy Duty Cement Boards are exceptionally stable in dimension and offer resistance to damages caused by permanent dampness or seepages. They are excellent for all kinds of internal wet area lining especially in residential segment.

Everest Heavy Duty Cement Boards can accept wide range of surface finishes like laminates, ceramic / vitreous tiles, paints, render etc. which provide an option to the architect / designer to

Areas of Application:

Internal Walls - High traffic / Impact prone areas Residential / Commercial / Industrial
Wet Area Lining - Kitchen, Bathrooms
Commercial Flooring
Rain Screening/Substrate for Render
External Wall Cladding / Bracing Non Load Bearing / Load Bearing Walls
Residential / Commercial / Industrial / Cladding Walls in Warehouses / Factories
Pre fabricated Shelter - Internal / External Walls